NEWS: Our second biggest fundraiser is right around the corner.  It's our gift-wrapping fundraiser.  Kids and parents alike have fun at this fundraising multi-day event which takes place outside our local Walmart in Murphy Canyon.  
Please click the link below to sign up for one or hopefully many slots to help wrap gifts and earn money for our music program. This link will also be under the Volunteers tab of our music booster website.

We need a lot of volunteers to get the band (including colour guard), orchestra, and choir ready.  Anyone and everyone can help.  Typical events include Wednesday night rehearsals, football games, competitions, picture day, fundraising, festivals, and concerts (orchestra, choir, and band).  Immediately below are links for the current sign-ups.  A summary of some of the help needed at some of the events can be found below that.

Below are links to our previous signups:

But, we always need help on Wed. night and for competition food:

In addition to volunteering at our events we are always looking for motivated Parents to help serve on the following Committees:

  • Uniform Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Hospitality Committee
  • Transportation Committee

Football Games
We need help before, during, and after the game.  The field show at the football games is a small preview of what’s needed at a competition, so come and be part of the activity and fun.

People to put the bleacher covers in the stands where the students will sit.  Also, remove the covers after the game.

Uniform Team: 

Help students put on marching uniforms, shoe and hat monitors, shoe cleaning, uniform repair and uniform appearance.

Guard Team:  People to help the Color Guard get ready.

Transportation/Equipment Team:

Help move the front ensemble instruments, ponchos, bleacher covers, band gear, etc. to and from the field. 

Pit and Field Props Crew: Help unload and set up numerous pit percussion instruments and various props used during practices, football games and competitions. 

It is a huge effort to get the band to a competition with all of their uniforms and equipment and get them ready to perform.  Please come and help and stay to see the competition.  It’s great to see our band on the field and see who they face off against.

Transportation/Equipment Team:  Help move, load, & unload equipment, instruments, and uniform racks.  Drivers for 1) a truck to tow the golf cart trailer, 2) the golf cart during the competitions, and 3) the big equipment truck.   Also help move front ensemble instruments on and off the field.  Put up and take down the changing tents, shade tents, etc.

Uniform Team:  Help students put on marching uniforms, shoe and hat monitors, shoe cleaning, uniform repair and uniform appearance.

Hair Prep:  People to help put student’s hair up so it stays under their hats.

Guard Team:  People to help the Color Guard get ready.

Hospitality Team: Food, Snacks, Water:  Help prepare food the day before the competition.  Set up, serve, and monitor food, snacks, and water at competitions, concerts and events.  Depending on timing of the event, the boosters may feed the band and guard a meal or snack so they can be at their best for the event.

Invitational Field Tournament

This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and takes a lot of volunteers.  Please see below for all the volunteers that we will need to make this a successful event.


Field Preparation

Snack Bar

Ticket Sales

...and more

Other Help Needed:

Orchestra, Choir, and Band Concerts:   Need two ticket sellers, a ticket collector, setup, cleanup, refreshment sales, DVD and banquet sales. 

Picture Day: Need to get kids into their marching uniforms.  Usually be there at 7 am and stay for 2 to 3 hours.

Holiday Gift Wrap:  This is our second biggest fundraiser of the year where we wrap gifts at Walmart.  Need someone with a truck to get tables and equipment to Walmart.  Need people to set up and take down each day and to oversee the students wrapping presents.  Need donations of tape, bows, boxes and other wrapping items.  We have lots of wrapping paper.

DVD Production:  A DVD is produced every year with photos and videos of the year.  Please let us know if you could do this.